Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Portable Extraction

  • Excellent interim green cleaning
  • Maintains carpet appearance
  • Electrically powered, zero emissions
  • Low moisture – no waste water
  • Safe for all carpet types
  • Carpet is dry within 30 minutes

Cylindrical Brush Encapsulation

  • Highly effective on low to medium traffic corridors and offices
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Electrically powered, very low noise
  • Warranty approved
  • Low moisture – no waste water
  • Carpet appearance level lasts up to 1 month
  • Carpet is dry within 30 minutes

rotary soil extractionRotary Soil Extraction

  • Unsurpassed results on moderate to heavy soiled areas
  • Unique patented system combines agitation, low moisture soil suspension and extraction all in one process
  • Electrically powered and completely self contained
  • Minimal waste water is transferred to city sewage system
  • Carpets are dry usually within 2 hours

portable extractionAbsorbent Pad Extraction

  • Electrically powered, completely self contained
  • Industrial grade twin 3 stage vacuums and 500 p.s.i pump
  • Super-heated water ensures maximum results on heavily soiled areas
  • Carpets are dry in 4 to 6 hours

carpet stain removalAdvanced Carpet Stain Removal
Unfortunately, even a small spill or stain can impact the appearance of a carpet.
Using enviro-friendly spotting products, we will remove older new stains and restore your carpet’s beauty.