EverCARE Carpet Maintenance

officeA dirty carpet is not big deal… right? WRONG! A dirty carpet costs you plenty! Here’s how…

A dirty carpet profoundly impacts your business, office and hospitality environment – sending a negative message to your valued clients and guest.

A dirty carpet traps micro pollutants such as allergens, bacteria and dust mites which impede a company’s ability to sustain a healthy work place environment.

A dirty carpet simply wears out more quickly and in these challenging times of ever increasing costs, a company simply cannot afford the significant expense of a premature carpet replacement.

Solution…. EverCARE Carpet Maintenance

In 1985 The Cleaning Connection revolutionized the commercial carpet cleaning industry by introducing its state of the art EverCARE carpet care program specifically designed to tackle all the unique challenges of the commercial environment. Considerations such as foot traffic ratings, carpet type, floor plan, soiling levels, cleaning frequency and methodology all needed to be harmonized into one systematic approach. Along with the incorporation of cutting edge “low moisture technology” and a state of the art computer software program, the EverCARE scientific approach to commercial carpet care had immediately rendered the old “re-active” carpet cleaning process obsolete.

Today, after 25 years of proven success, our single greatest achievement remains the multitude of loyal, satisfied clients who continue to enjoy the benefits of the EverCARE program.

EverCARE will:

  • Protect your carpet asset by maximizing carpet life span
  • Maintain your corporate image through a proven systematic approach
  • Promote and sustain a significantly cleaner and healthier indoor environment

So, the next time you’re tempted into thinking that … a dirty carpet is no big deal – THINK AGAIN!

Call the experts at The Cleaning Connection and regain your pristine indoor environment. Your staff, clients, guests and yes – your accountant will thank you for it!

EverCARE is your best assurance that your carpet will live a long, healthy and beautiful life.